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Donors’ generosity makes it possible to support a variety of projects in our community.

The following grants were announced Spring 2021.

Changing the Argument

Mediation Services

Amount: $7,500                Fund type: Community Building

Mediation Services’ Changing the Argument webinar and resources will be designed to address how pandemic-related challenges are impacting relationships, specifically in shared spaces (work, home, etc.), where people may have opposite points of view on pandemic-related mandates.

“As we enter the fourth wave of the pandemic, we know that burnout, tension and other challenges continue across community. This timely project will provide access to the tools needed for relationships to function amicably and move forward in a healthy way.”

Joanna Turner

Skills4Life Connectivity

Macdonald Youth Services

Amount: $15,000              Fund type: COVID-19 Community Response Fund

This project has enabled Macdonald Youth Services to assist youth leaving care as they transition to independence and pursue their own life goals.

“The pandemic’s health measures, and physical distancing interventions, have resulted in increased loneliness with potential mental health effects for many individuals. Many youth transitioning out of care use the Skills4Life program for mobile devices and internet connection. This ensures connectivity with friends, family, and workers, and access to news and information. The equipment provides accessible tools to help youth cope in this new reality.”

Neneth Bañas

Vaccine Community Health Education

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg in partnership with the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba

Amount: $15,000              Fund type: COVID-19 Community Response Fund

This project has enabled the Social Planning Council and Immigration Partnership Winnipeg to work with 20 cultural groups under the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba (ECCM) to develop culturally-responsive health education materials about COVID-19 vaccines.

“ECCM, through its grassroots networks, heard firsthand that many newcomers have expressed concerns about the side effects and efficacy of vaccines because they did not have any information or were misinformed. All ECCM members worked together with medical professionals to provide accurate facts about the vaccine in 14 different languages including Tagalog, Hindi, Punjabi, Dinka, Somali, Swahili, Arabic, Kurdish, Mandarin and Vietnamese. This ensured educational information was accessible for many individuals and families who are immigrants and refugees.”

Neneth Bañas

Clean Ventures

Manitoba Possible

Amount: $45,000              Fund type: Community Building, Field of Interest (Nicholette Vlassie Memorial Fund)

The agency used the funds to support their social enterprise, Clean Ventures, which employs new Canadians and persons who are deaf, providing commercial cleaning services to a variety of Winnipeg based social purpose organizations, including the Assiniboine Park Conservancy, Main Street Project, Art City and Inclusion Winnipeg.

“Manitoba Possible’s Clean Ventures initiative has adapted well to operating in a pandemic and continues to pay livable wages while providing employment skills training, social connection. The initiative is also an effective entry point to employment for workers who experience vulnerabilities for many different reasons, such as people with differing abilities, new Canadians, etc.”

Noah Erenberg

Promising Projects is a feature in the Spring 2020 issue of our Working Together magazine. Download or view the full issue on our Publications page.

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