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Leaders share what inspires them to care in The Foundation’s official podcast.

The Winnipeg Foundation’s BeCause & Effect podcast talks with people about the Causes they care deepest about, and the effect those Causes have on their lives. Hosted by The Foundation’s Nolan Bicknell, the podcast recently finished its third season with some incredible guests who all shared inspirational thoughts and stories.

New episodes come out on Tuesdays, and all previous episodes are available online at, or anywhere you get your podcasts, including iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

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Here is a selection of guests featured on the most recent season of the podcast:

Alexis Kanu

Alexis Kanu holding a sign that says Environment and Animal Welfare.

Alexis Kanu is executive director of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF) and is one of many contributors to The Winnipeg Foundation’s Next 100 publication, where Winnipeggers were asked to envision Winnipeg’s next 100 years. Alexis and the LWF community make it their mission to educate, advocate, and maintain our most precious resource.

“I’m trained as a scientist, so I’m trained to understand the scientific method, and to be able to understand and use data,” Kanu says. “But I really have a passion for the connections that come in the nonprofit sector. I’ve really enjoyed the work of figuring out the policy side of things, and ways in which the science and the policy can start to communicate more effectively.”

In our conversation with Alexis Kanu, we talk about the current state of Manitoba’s waterways, creating the connection between science and policy, and why we need to show respect and reverence for the water – one of our most precious resources.

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #72

Patricia Mainville

Patricia Mainville holding a sign that says Literacy, Education and Employment.

Patricia Mainville has been working with children, youth, and families in education and community service for more than two decades. She has been a Winnipeg Foundation board member since 2017, and also contributed a feature essay for The Winnipeg Foundation’s Next 100 publication.

“Education has played a huge role in my life, coming from a family of residential school survivors, and being a part of the ’60s scoop,” Mainville says. “Being able to find out who we are, in order to know where we’re going, that’s something someone told me way back when I was a teen, when I didn’t know who I was.”

In our conversation with Pat Mainville, we talk about cultural identity and the importance of community, the education system and adapting for remote learning during COVID-19, and how her family was affected profoundly by residential schools.

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #75

Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux

Kevin Lamoureux is a scholar, public speaker, and instructor at the University of Winnipeg, committed to supporting student success and well-being. His focus on education is rooted in the belief that through education, we can solve many of the problems that plague society.

“Reconciliation is about healing Canada,” Lamoureux says. “Reconciliation is a gift that was given to us by survivors. We can’t be the nation we were meant to be, if there are people living under third-world conditions. We can’t be the Canada that we would be most proud of, when there are people living under conditions that other people would flee other countries to escape from. This is about Canada reaching its full potential.”

In our conversation with Kevin Lamoureux, we talk about structural, endemic, and systemic racism, how to navigate difficult conversations with empathy and grace, and the importance of investing in education as a solution to our biggest challenges.

Hear the full interview > BeCause & Effect #79

This story is featured in the Fall 2021 issue of our Working Together magazine. Download or view the full issue on our Publications page.

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